Tree Valley Kontioranta

Tree Valley Kontioranta combines traditional and modern wood architecture with a variety of outdoor activities in nature. The development of the area will begin in the summer of 2022.  The vision and the concept of the Tree Valley was inspired by the "Silicon Valley" as well as the famous "Moomin Valley".  It is a meeting place for international talent as well as a peaceful environment that brings joy both to travelers and locals.
Luonnoksia Lohkare-kylästä
Inspiration from nature and local history 
The Kontioranta area was underwater before lowering the lake Höytiäinen in 1859. Part of the area is still covered with fine white sand and scattered boulders by the lakeshore and islands. Not far from the former military base there is a famous landmark of the Finnish war history: the Salpa Line. Made of sharp vertical rocks and ditches, this 1200km long bunker line attracts tourists from across the world. The boulders of lake Höytiäinen and the Salpa Line have inspired the architecture in the Tree Valley.


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